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with 65 cooking. you can buy 2k pineapple rings and 2k plain pizzas. make into pineapple pizzas then sell at the grand exchange for 1 mil.


The most obvious thing everybody thinks of when they think of making money from hunter is red chinchompas. Fair enough these are great xp and cash, and are well balanced in both, but they tend to be very crowded at peak times of playing. If you do find yourself with at least 70 hunter, these are a great option, and i would suggest using the spot that is just above the larupia tele spot, as it has the best spawns, and also log into a mediumly populated world, with around 900-1200 players, as they respawn faster. If there are more than 2 players here, swap worlds, but at peak times you may have up to 4 people all fighting for the best spot. These can make you around 200k an hour at level 70, but up to 600k an hour at 99!

The second most talked about way to make money from hunter is hunting dragon implings. These are between 300-450k in price, and are normally very rare to find. If you do want to hunt these, you need a lot of patience as they are rather difficult to find. Of the few people that have 83+ hunter (80 with a hunter potion), most of them will hunt them in the evening, as it is peak time. If you do want to hunt these, post on the forums that you will pay people to find them for you, or go to puro-puro, and alch while you wait for one to spawn, or world hop until you find one. Other imps that may be worth catching are ninjas and magpies, both between 15k-30k! This can make you around 2m an hour if you are very lucky, while at other ties, you can make 100k, so it is a risk!

My final technique, which i discovered for myself just yesterday, is hunting graahks. These are my current favourite way of making money! The technique for these is to wear camoflage, a ring of duelling, and summon a graahk (read further along if you cannot do this). The technique is to teleport with the graahk, with ateasing stick, axe and knife in your inventory. Cut down a dead tree, click on one of the pits and you will make a pitfall trap. Tease a graahk by simply clicking on it, and it will follow you. Jump over your pit, and the graahk will walk over it, it will die, then when you dismantle your trap you will receive big bones and a either tatty iece of graahk fur, or a normal piece. Drop the tatty piece, and bury the big bones. The normal fur is what makes you the money here, so keep it! If you can’t summon a graahk, then go to shilo village, and run to the place from there, then when you have a full inventory, run back to bank. This is 500k an hour if you are 80+ hunter, and about 300-440k an hour below this. The required level for these is something like 47.


My first technique is killing tortoises in the gnome stronghold above the swamp. To kill these I suggest 70+ defence, 70+ attack, and 75+ strength, or you can safe spot over the fence with range and mage. These drop tortoise shells, which are what you are there for. You can also collect wergali seeds which will stack to make alot of money too. These are about 40k xp an hour in the skill you are training, and you can make about 100k-350k an hour, it all depends on your attack rate.

Obviously Green Dragons are the most common monster for lower levelled players to kill, just kill them with range or melee, then collect the bones and the dragon hide. However, a better way to do it is to buy a dwarf cannon, then leave the cannon running at the spot north west of edgeville, and run back and forth from the crater to the bank, or use a glory, as the cannon will kill them all for you, you just collect up the drops! This makes green dragons around 300k an hour without the cannon, and including the current cost of cannonballs, 510k an hour when I tried it, and yes I used 4 glories.

There are also various different bosses you can kill for decent drops too, but for a certain amount of money per hour, use the ideas above. I know there are a lot of other good monsters you can kill, but there are too many to list, I just gave you an idea!


Lots of different bolts can make you money in fletching, the primary ones are most likely adamant bolts and mithril bolts, and occasionally broads. Also you can make some money from making yew longbows from yew longbow (u)’s. These can make around 50-100k an hour, but aren’t great for money, but you do however get very good xp per hour! Another good thing to keep an eye on is dragon arrows, as you can sometimes make a lot of money from these, however the bolts can be difficult to get hold of!


There are two main ways of making money from magic, excluding battlemage, and this is the skill I can say I have real experience in! The first way is air battlestaffs, this involves taking an air staff, and long distance running gear like boots of lightness, spottier cape etc. You run down into edgeville dungeon, head through the members area, past the black demons, and use a full inventory of orbs on the air obelisk with some cosmics in your inventory, then you make air orbs. Personally I find this boring, but depending on the market you can make 400k a day!

The second way doesn’t always work, you have to watch the market constantly to realy make any money, but when you do it is normally a lot! Just look for any bolts, generally above mithril, that you can enchant. They are sometimes very difficult to buy, and at others are sold at minimum price, and if you time it right you can make 400k in an hour, I even made 1.2m in 2 hours frm these once, then the G E limit kicked in L.


This is the same as what I mentioned in my last guide. Buy a clean herb (or you can clean grimy ones for herblore xp), mix it with a vial of water. Yep that’s it. The best herbs to do this with are ranarr, kwuarm and snapdragon. I especially suggest snapdragon, however the G E has just reduced vials of water from 300gp down to 203gp, so they are extremely difficult to buy at the moment, however snapdragons often let me make a quick 1m in an hour. Yes that’s right: 1M!!!


There are two ways of runecrafting for money, the first is faster money, but no xp, the second is slower money, but xp in a nightmare of a skill. I am talking about law rune and nature rune crafting. The first method is where you run to the altar and trade the pure essence in your inventory for the runes, you can also trade the essence for two of the runes! Or you can make the runes yourself. To be perfectly honest, these ways of making money are ones I haven’t ever tryed properly, as runecrafting really doesn’t interest me, but I also hear that the abyss is good for xp, and that the runecrafting guild mini games are good too.


Recently, whilst alching outside the G E, I met somebody who was alching too; after standing and talking for just over an hour, he revealed to me that he was one of the foundes of grand ex pro, the third biggest marching clan in the game! He told me that he would tell me what item to buy before the public new, so that I had easy access to it before hand, and he would tell me to sell it just before everyone else did. This guy claims he has made up to 500% increases in his cash, and he showed me his items that added up to just under 700M. If you would like, I will happily tell the clan when he tells me, what items to buy, and when to sell them, I can’t take responsibility if you lose money, but on their current merch, I have made 800k from just under 2m!


I hope this has enlightened you on how to make more money in runescape, and I thoroughly hope that you will have all the cash you need to reach that 99 skill, or buy that godsword you’ve always wanted! However the biggest secret to making huge hoards of cash is.........Huge hoards of patience!!! Also, if you’re doing something that takes a lot of money, why not go ranarr farming, or farm toadflax, this makes you about 180k per hour and a half, for little to no effort!!!

NOTE: This guide is written by me for my clan site, and is copyrighted. Visit us at

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