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There are countless methods, most of which are detailed on the RuneScape Wiki.

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the RuneScape Wiki.
See Money making guide.

Well I agree but I have a very effective method $9000 per 10 min ok if you are lv 40+ go to the grand exchange with about at least $225 ok by a brass key at max or it will not come until 3+ days later or you can go to the edgevill dundgen and before the hill giants to the east there will be lv 24 zombies with a brass key

after you get the key go to river lum before you go on to the bridge to barbarian villy go north there is a small shed go inside and climb the ladder inside will be lv 36 hill giants( they have very low defence ) kill them you will get big bones ( very high prayer if buried ) that sell for 400+ cash and on the wiki there is a list of stuff they drop eg. law runes, cosmic runes, nature runes, iron armour and steel weapons, arrows up to addy, talismins ( $500 each at least ) and there is RESPAWNING 27-88 gold on the ground, 4 bones and beer glasses on the ground

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