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Prestige is a measurement for the amount of floors you did during Dungeoneering. You only get prestige for the floors you did since the last reset of your ring of kinship, and you only get it on floors you haven't done yet. As long as the amount of floors from the last reset is higher then your current progress, the prestige you get is equal to the amount on the reset. For example: A player did floor 1-10, then resetted his ring of kinship. He does floor 1, and gets 10 prestige, because that's the saved value of the last reset. He does floor 2-10, still gets 10 prestige, because the amount of floors is still lower then the last reset. He does floor 11, and gets a prestige of 11, because now he did 11 in a row, which is higher then the saved 10. If he now does any of these floors again without resetting, the prestige in the experience calculation for that floor will be 0, and it wont raise his prestige for other floors. If he now does floor 12, his prestige is 12, no matter if he did a floor twice or not. Once he did all floors once, he resets his ring gain, to get higher prestige for the low level floors.

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