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Join a merchanting clan(one with many people and has spys[odd but some people are serious....]and has a great clan leader that knows how to merchant) at the Grand Exchange and decide on needed item to invest on(something REALLY WANTED like coal or ingredients to potions), buy multiple of decided item at HIGHEST price, wait for prices to rise and the clan leader's say so to dump your items at the highest price, and you get money. But this is a risky way to get money as you:

  1. Need money to start out with.
  2. Need to be willing to lose money(A LOT depending on how committed you are...). Possibly to rival clans....
  3. Need to be willing to wait.

But merchanting isn't really the best... Since unless your part of a giant clan of 100 or so the money isn't that good...maybe like an extra couple grand depending on how committed everyone was...

So how about killing cows by the flour mill(?)? That's pretty much how I started out... But it's slow... But at least you get extra training...

If you are P2P, collect swamptoads in Gnome stronghold.

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