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There are three good ways. Which one is fastest is highly dependent on a few factors, which will be explained later on.

Iron knives - Many players choose to use iron knives, as they are effective, inexpensive, and widely available. Armour used is commonly good ranged gear, bringing ranged bonus up, Ava's Accumulator, to collect knives while ranging, and of course, the knives.

A few good locations to do these are:

  • Rock crabs - Pros: Drops, high hitpoints, low combat, low max hit.

Cons: Often crowded, have to move for it to target, multicombat.

  • Experiments - Pros: High hitpoints, low max hit, not very crowded, but some others.

Cons: No drops, Creature of Fenkenstrain quest required.

For knives, there are not many factors determining experience gain.

Cannon - Another popular option, but expensive. Dwarf Cannon needs to be completed to use this. A cannon costs about 500k, with cannonballs costing around 350 coins each. Each shot takes up one cannonball, and each is lost everytime. Care is needed to watch the cannon, as it may degrade, but can be retrieved from Nulodian, south of Ice Mountain.

Some popular options for training are:

  • Slayer - Pros: Good drops, raising slayer level, different tasks.

Cons: New tasks, moving around, some areas cannon may not be allowed, areas may be crowded, areas may not be multi-combat.

  • Rock crabs - Pros: Drops, high hitpoints, low combat, low max hit, multi-combat

Cons: Others training may get angry at those using cannons, drops may not pay for the cannonballs used.

Red Chinchompas - Most likely the best option for those who want fast training, but at a high price. Each red chinchompa costs about 725 coins, and will be lost at every attack. The reason why they are used is that they have a blast, with their radius covering the squares around where it hit, offering a 3x3 square. One downside is that if one dies, the chinchompas will not appear at a gravestone.

Training can be done at three common places:

  • Chaos Tunnel Mummies
  • Rock Lobsters in Waterbirth Dungeon
  • Zombie monkies in the Ape Atoll Dungeon, requires Monkey Madness.

All three are commonly crowded, so finding a working world may be a little bit challenging.

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