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Where is the air obelisk?

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The air obelisk is level 12 in the wilderness, and is only accessible through Edgeville dungeon


  • have auto-retaliate off
  • have some prayer points available if you havent tried it before, demons hit high
    • the monastery is nearby
  • be ready to turn on run
  • have a charged Glory with you
  1. From Edgeville bank go south into the ruins
  2. Use the trapdoor in the south-east corner
  3. North past spiders and skellys
  4. East through a gate then first left (north) through another gate: you are now in wilderness
  5. Past the thugs: heading west and north, through the chaos druids.
  6. Through a gate north - level 45 skellys
  7. West to the Black Demons (use protection form melee and run past them)
  8. North to the ladder and up to relative safety (revenants can still attack)
  9. Charge all your air orbs, and Glory back to Edgeville to bank, recharge and eat as necessary

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